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Okay, You Want to Know About Natural Essential Oils?

Natural essential oils are “liquid/oils” or “essence” that have been extracted from various parts of flowers, fruits, herbs, leaves, seeds, resin, stems, roots, and bark of botanicals. These natural sources give us pure natural essential oils from different types of extraction methods.

Essential Oils Extraction Methods:

Steam distillation: Nowadays, Steam distillation is the most common method to extract natural essential oils from natural sources, which use heat to get pure essential oils.

Cold press extraction: Cold press method takes away the oils from the skins of fruits without any destruction from heat.

Chemical solvent extraction: In this extraction method, alcohols are used to extract essential oils.

Effleurage method: This method involves odorless fats or oils absorbing the perfume of fresh flowers.

Nowadays, Over 200 types of essential oils are consumed in the global market place, Essential oils are sold either as a blend of several oils or as pure essential oils extracted from proper extraction methods.  You always try to buy pure essential oils and also buy blend oils and prepare good blend of natural oils yourself. Buying blended oils can save our money but cannot assure purity.

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