Frangipani Floral Absolute Oil

Botonical Name: Plumeria obtusa

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Frangipani Floral Absolute Oil



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Frangipani Floral Absolute Oil

Frangipani Floral Absolute Oil is obtained by the process of steam distillation from bright colored flowers of the tree. The Floral Absolute Oil holds the quality and exquisite fragrance. The Floral Absolute Oil is extensively used in production of cosmetics as well as herbal perfumes. The Floral Absolute Oil also has wider acceptance in therapeutic medication. Frangipani Floral Absolute Oil makes an overwhelming difference in lives of individuals, as it gives a completely stress-free living.

Common name: Plumeria Obtusa

Main Components: DPG (Dipropylene Glycol), Ethanol Propylene Glycol.

Blends Well with: Jasmine as well as geranium and palmarosa.

Common Uses:

Frangipani Floral Absolute Oil is useful in healing skin cracks, and relaxing the body. It is reliable and finds the use in preparation of herbal conditioners and shampoos. Frangipani Floral Absolute Oil has an outstandingly appealing fragrance, and is perfect for yards as well as garden areas.

Safeguards Against the Product Use

  • May cause skin reactions and infection in the blood. Therefore, consult the family physician.

Additional information



Extraction Method

Alcohol Extraction



Botonical Name

Plumeria obtusa

Flash Point

200 °F

Major Constituents


Refractive Index

30°C 1.528


Insoluble in water

Specific Gravity

30°C 1.0449

Optical Rotation

-9.00 to -11.00


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