Fenugreek Essential oil

Botonical Name: Trigonella foenum-graecum

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Fenugreek Essential oil



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Fenugreek Essential Oil

Fenugreek Essential Oil has an effective essence, and a greater feel. It offers a superb way of living the life and enjoying your life like you never had before. The oil is pure and safe to use. Regular use of the oil helps in keeping your body fresh, clean and refreshing. In general, the oil will make characteristic difference in your lifestyle.

Common name:

Fenugreek seed oil

Blends with:

Cinnamon and ginger essential oil


Thiamine, iron, sodium


Fenugreek essential oil is a powerful antiviral agent, which helps in fighting the viruses and several other microbes. The essential oil heals even the most widespread wound, and even the scars and skin irritations.  It is also essential for boosting the blood circulation and simulates the function of female hormone – estrogen. The essential oil is also effective in purifying the skin and keeping it perfectly hydrated in all types of situations.

Safeguards Against the Product Use

  1. Fenugreek Essential Oil should be stored in cool dark place.
  2. Pregnant as well as lactating mothers should not use the essential oil.
  3. The oil is only for external purposes.

Additional information



Extraction Method

Solvent extracted product with food grade diluent



Botonical Name

Trigonella foenum-graecum

Flash Point

168.00 °F

Major Constituents

Volatile Oil, Alkaloids

Refractive Index

1.50600 to 1.51000 @ 20.00 °C


soluble in water, insoluble in oil

Specific Gravity

0.97900 to 0.98400 @ 25.00 °C

Optical Rotation


Weight Option

100ml/ 3.40oz., 250ml / 8.45oz., 500ml. / 16.90oz., 1000ml. / 33.80oz., 2500ml. / 84.50oz.


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