Thuja Essential Oil

Botonical Name: Thuja Occidentalis

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Thuja Essential Oil



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Thuja Essential Oil

Thuja Essential Oil is a pure oil, which is taken out from steam distillation of the leaves of strong evergreen coniferous tree. The Essential Oil has a slightly yellowish tint, and camphoric aroma.  The oil has got therapeutic profits. Thuja Essential Oil, in many instances, is consumed for decorative purposes too.  The Essential Oil has a marvelous scent that gives an amazing experience.

Common name:

Thuja oil

Blends with:

Cedarwood, neroli, geranium, mandarin, lavender


Alpha pinene, alpha thujone, beta thujone, bornyl acetate, camphene, terpinenol


Thuja Essential Oil is used in the treatment of rheumatic pain. The oil is bestowed with astringent properties, helping the blood vessels to contract, preventing the occurrence of haemorrhage.  The Essential Oil is also effective in the elimination of toxic substances. Thuja Essential Oil has effectiveness in the killing insects. It is superb insect repellent too.  The oil is used in clearing the phlegm and mucus in respiratory track.

Safeguards Against the Product Use

  1. The oil may not be a good choice in case of pregnant and lactating women.
  2. The oil can be toxic for skin, and therefore it is suggested to consult a medical practitioner.

Additional information



Extraction Method

Steam Distillation



Botonical Name

Thuja Occidentalis

Flash Point

52.00 °F. TCC ( 66.67 °C. )

Major Constituents

thujone, bornyl acetate, fenchone, the diterpene b

Refractive Index

1.44500 to 1.46000 @ 20.00 °C.


Soluble in alcohol

Specific Gravity

0.90000 to 0.91000 @ 25.00 °C.

Optical Rotation

-10.56 to -13.80


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