Essential Oils for Spa & Rejuvenation

Essential Oils for Spa & Rejuvenation

Essential oil is quite different with the general oil, as the oil is extracted and remains in a concentrated state. The essential oil is deeply related with aromatherapy, which has a deep effect in two ways to our body i.e., psychologically and physically. Psychologically is termed for oil if used to smell and benefits our nervous system, whereas physically is termed for the oil if used as massage oil, a mix in bath, foot care and lots more.

Aromatherapy is nothing new chapter, but if you open it; you will find it quite old and ancient way of treatment for rejuvenation. Aromatherapy is actually from Asia and India, when herbs were used to extract oil and applied for treatment, either in pain, suffering, cut, and even mental imbalance. Every plant has some properties and essential oils from selected plants are pure oil which is not mixed with any chemical components and is a pure form of concentrated oil. Every essential oil has their own process of extraction and use. A pure essential oil is too costly and every individual oil is enriched with benefits own herbal effect and calming effect to various parts of the body again in terms of Psychologically and Physically.

What is the Need of Rejuvenation?

Rejuvenation has become the need of today’s life. Our lifestyle has changed a lot, and it is all related to lots of work pressure. The challenging daily routine and the work load just increase high pressure, headache, frustration, depression, mental imbalance, physical pain, and emotional stress. Our body needs a relaxing time just to keep us fresh and calm. The self rejuvenation is next to impossible because of running short of time, but Spa’s and parlors are helping in rejuvenation.

Need of rejuvenation is not just meant to give some peaceful time, but to create a complete balance between mind, body and soul are the major need to rejuvenate the energy, the calming effect and much more. Another term beautifully used in the Spa for rejuvenation is again Aromatherapy rejuvenation; which is made with pure essential oil for various terms. They offer packages as for skin, health, stress, depression and likewise kinds of rejuvenation packages; which are done with required appropriate oils.

Effects of Rejuvenation

Essential oils are enriched with vitamins, anti-oxidants, and nutrients; which are the prime components or requirement of the body. Post aromatherapy massage with essential oil, a kind of refreshment, glow in skin texture, anti-ageing effect and extremely relaxed kind of feeling is observed. This is as well the basic requirement of the human body to get some time, which keeps body feel extremely relaxed and give pleasure.

Effect on the skin is most observed after aromatherapy. Damaged cells, tissues and fibers all get repaired and newer cells get produced, as an effect of rejuvenation. Aromatherapy is used to balance the skin property and prevent from anti-ageing. Rejuvenation keeps body energetic and again ready to take the challenges of daily life and hectic schedule.

Need of SPA

The spa industry is the fastest growing business for creating rejuvenation. This not only gives people a relaxing time, but also makes people comfortable for few hours to boost and make the proper functioning of the body system. The body system is like a machine, and it needs time to time boosting of its working and metabolism. In other words, if we describe the need of Spa, then it has become the most vital business to take care about anxiety, stress, depression, mental tiredness, fatigue, and many more related to emotional disorders. They provide various kinds of treatments which are like; oil massage, mud treatment, facial, water, naturopathy and many more. Every proper kind of imbalance gives it appropriate kind of Spa treatment. Awareness and benefits of this, has made people attracted towards Spa packages.

Essential oil in spa industry-

It is a great use of essential oil in the Spa industry, as every essential oil has its own property. As Spa industry uses Aromatherapy, so the essential oil becomes the most essential ingredient. Aromatherapy means body massage with oil, these massage essential oils are pure extracted oil having their own individual benefits. Some are benefiting for the skin and behaves as an anti-oxidants, some have the property of calming and cooling effect and it is for the treatment for stress and depression. The most ancient form of massage and that is aromatherapy used in a modern way in Spa industries.

Essential oils used in the Spa industry-

Here comes the most important section about which kind of essential oil is used in the Spa for rejuvenation. As it is stated that essential oil is the major constituent for Spa industries, and is noted as Spa essential oils are as-

1. Amber oil- used in cosmetics and perfumery industry
2. Cypress oil- used in aromatherapy for mental stress and depression
3. Aniseed oil- used in perfumery industry for room fragrance
4. Basil oil- it is used in aromatherapy for massage oil
5. Citronella Java- largely used in perfumery industry for making candles and soaps
6. Cubeb Oil- used in aromatherapy for muscular pain
7. Dill Seed essential oil- it behaves as a cleansing agent
8. Detox massage oil- acts as moisturizer restoration of the skin
9. Dehnul-oud- used in aromatherapy for various purposes
10. Dill essential oil- it is used as for cleansing agent
11. Eucalyptus Hydrosol- it is noted as antiseptic property and used in the cold season
12. The Frangipani Oil- it is used as massage oil
13. Frankincense essential oil- the oil has the property of treatment of allergies.

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