Natural Essential Oils Kannauj

Natural Essential Oil Suppliers Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh

MRK Natural Oils is a well reputed name in natural essential oils manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler, exporter across the globe. We are based in New Delhi, India and also have unite in Kannauj, Kanpur. Kannauj is a manufacturing hub of natural essential oils, Indian Attars, Base oils. Kannauj, located near Ganges and Kali river confluence, that is exact on the right routes that brought perfumes/attars, spices, metals, silks and gems.

We supply high quality and authentic natural essential oils that made in Kannauj essential oils industry by using high grade of raw materials and carefully selected tools and techniques. We are committed to supply 100% pure Kannauj essential oils to our bulk and retail customers across the globe.

Industries We Serve In:


    • • Cosmetics
    • • Salon
    • • Hotels and Resorts
    • • Massage Centers & Spas
    • • Food grade manufacturers
    • • Pharmaceuticals, Medical
    • • Perfumes
    • • Bath and Sanitary products
    • • Toothpaste, Mouthwash
    • • Incense Sticks, Dhoop Batti

What we Manufacture


      • • Natural Essential Oils
      • • Massage Oils
      • • Carrier Oils
      • • Oleoresins
      • • Hydrosols
      • • Natural Flower Oil
      • • Traditional Indian Attars
      • • Floral Absolute Oils
      • • Natural Cosmetic Butters
      • • Spice oils
      • • Herbal oils
      • • Mint oil

Our Mission


At MRK Natural Oils, our mission is to produce and supply the finest and purest essential oils and other aromatic products at honest and competitive prices. Our 24X7 hours customer service ensures every time our customer deal with us, it is a pleasant and memorable experience.

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