Private Labeling

Private Labeling

‘Nature’ is the treasure of herbs, it carries lots of hidden and unhidden medicinal and herbal plants and tress which are used for medicine making and extraction of essential oils. Since the starting of the human era, our forefathers used to explore for these medicinal herbal plants for their cure and healing if caused any cut, wound, pain or any particular diseases to to make their living easier with treatment.

Changing time, from such ancient time to Ayurveda and now advanced medical science all needs natural products which are obtained only from these medicinal plants. These essential oils, are natural extract from these plants used as medicines, aromatherapy and likewise.

Generally, an essential oil is noted for varying purposes like treatment of pain, treatment of internal problems and even curing of any cuts and wounds. Some of the essential oils carry natural healing property, some carry antibacterial property, some have calming and some have sweet aroma properties.

Every of these properties make every particular oil beneficiary for making human life easier. Use of it as described, helps in immediate effect as well very effective in curing every particular problem or disorders. Because of being completely natural, it does not cause any side effect, but creates a magical effect.

We the manufacturer of essential oil remain very much concerned about the packing. The oils are highly effective and aromatic so its warm effect and aroma should be maintained till the customers use it and even after the seal is broken. For every particular kind of oil, the container should be chosen smartly. Some needs proper aluminium container and some needs glass container.

The size of the container must be chosen before putting the oil so that it may be an accurate amount from 180ml to 250ml. Before putting the oil in the container it must be checked whether its air tight or have any leakage. The leaking bottle is considered as damage and oil will also lose its healing effect.

The oil is said to be effective only when it is packed in completely airtight container of its appropriate size as per weight. Looking after properties of oil, some are volatile and some are known for its rich aroma. Some of the oil has a spicy and flavoring properties. The oil is effective only when it remains same as the time of extraction and do not lose a single property of it.

Once the essential oils are filled up in a container, the packing of bulk of the container is done in wooden box, with airtight plastics to fill the gap and fix the bottles in the box. Once, this wooden box packing is done, it becomes ready for shipment. It is a guarantee of ours to deliver the valuable oil in best packing and no damaged conditions so that your money investment proves you to be worthy.

We are leading Megastore in selling of essential oils. We provide the best packing to ship for overseas and reach the end user safely. We provide the droppers in the every bottle so that your oils can be taken out by out only in limited quantity and there should not be any wastage of such effective and expensive oil. As some of the oils needs certain temperature for storage, so we process the bottles under certain temperature, that it can match the inner temperature of bottle with required temperature of oil.

Our packing and shipment process is all under supervision of experts just to make the oil deliver to its end destination as promised. Our trend is to make the rare herb collection oil the perfect and most effective to use when it reaches our valuable client.

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