Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality is our responsibility when we dream to lead in the business and grow up to the zenith for the whole world. To maintain the quality standards in a great job that we constantly look attentively as we are known to provide the best products globally since years. High standards of quality parameters are preserved through regular inspection and analysis. Our quality of products are approved by the inspection department and certified under legal documentations. We pass through auditing to uphold our quality management system at regular intervals by certified external auditors to make sure that the products are retaining its quality without any decrease and can be delivered in the international market with confidence. We can challenge our quality of products globally without any self doubt as we know we are the best.

Our manufacturing process follow hygienic methods and packaging is done under strict supervision. Shipping and handling is done with care to deliver the products safely to the clients. Thus from the primary base throughout the entire process the main motto is to keep the quality of the product intact till it reaches the ultimate destinations. Our sound recognized quality management system meet the demands of our various products that includes natural essential oils, traditional Indian attars, carrier oils & base oils, floral absolute oils, oleoresins, natural cosmetic butters, hydrosols, exotic oil dilutions, natural flower oils, spice oils, herbal oils and mint oils.

We have advanced laboratories in MRK Natural oils equipped with latest equipments and apparatus to move on the process of quality testing in a more advanced procedure. Series of tests had to be passed before the products are ready to get certification. Only superior quality products are released to meet the demands of the market thus we have engraved our company name in the top list through this minute detailed attention. We carry on test to improve the quality more and try to better our products beyond expectations. Certain tests are performed to ensure the purity and superior quality of the products. Raw materials are directly procured from certified vendors and we believe in a healthy professional relationship with our cultivators and consumers as well. Our super clean warehouses store the products with care sustaining the quality from every corner.

Our efficient researchers and staffs dedicate their services to produce the best quality essential oils that will relax the users of the products. The aroma of the oils is the best part that needs to be preserved as this act sensually on the users. Its soothing effect brings peace of mind and bliss of heaven.

Get the best natural oils from us as we manufacture them with care keeping its value to our users in mind and delivering them in the most attractive bottles that these unique oils deserves. Spread your wings to fly as when you use our quality products and close your eyes, you will be relaxed like cotton floating on the breeze. Get your bottle of natural oil today from our distributers.

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