Our Shipping Partners are DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT & EMS

Due to some technical issue on our cart page, we are not able to update shipping rate, kindly follow this rate:

Sl. No. Quantity Shipping Charge
1 0-1000 ML US$ 35.00
2 1001-3000 ML US$ 50.00
3 3001-5000 ML US$ 65.00
4 5001-10000 ML US$ 90.00
5 Greater then 10000 ML US$ 90.00 + Additional US$ 14 per 1000 ML


Shipping is an important part for any products. We rely on the best shipping companies that have their name for their punctuality and sincerity. We have to depend on such companies for shipping but we pick and choose the best transport companies those have the responsible attitude towards their service. Our high quality delicate products are ensured to be delivered to our clients in the excellent condition as we pack them. We use all modes of transportation depending on the destination and the bulk that needs to be shipped. Water transportation is the best for huge bulk and transporting globally within reasonable budget. Our priority is to deliver the products to our clients in the best condition in least time. We maintain the delivery punctuality and thus carefully deal with the shipping methods.

Shipping Options:

Our shipping partners are¬†DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT & EMS. We also ship the goods by air as well as by sea as per buyer’s requirement.

Our products are dispatched for our own country as well as aboard. We look after eco friendly transportation systems so that we do not harm our environment in any way. Our fragile products are handled with care and hygienically packed to avoid any unfortunate situation. We are flexible in our shipping and there are varieties of options of shipping that our clients can choose according to their convenience. Our shipping rates are fixed and reasonable at the same time that will bring down the shipping cost for our clients.

We follow a secure procedure for our shipping and our clients can track the products in transit through tracking number and our transparent dealings will satisfy them every time they trade with us. Excellent packaging and expert handling makes our shipping so smooth and convenient. Our experience knows the better way to ship and what method will be suitable for the specific destination. Our shipping partners are to be acknowledged equally to have been cooperating with us since years and helping us to deliver our delicate natural oils in the best possible condition to our clients.

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